Protecting Your Rights In A Criminal Case

We represent clients facing many different types of criminal charges at The Law Office of Miya Griggs. Attorney Griggs has worked on the biggest cases where clients face charges involving the most severe and life-changing penalties. Nevertheless, we are not here to judge you. We understand the challenges of facing these charges, and always work toward the best possible resolution.

Located in Decatur but serving clients throughout the Atlanta metro area, we work closely with clients to give them all the legal guidance they need to make the important decisions regarding their case. Ms. Griggs sits down and listens to your side of the story during the initial consultation. She will also conduct additional investigation into the charges and circumstances behind them to uncover evidence law enforcement may have missed. Because of her background as a prosecutor for Fulton County, she is an attorney who understands how Georgia's legal system works and all the procedures involved. This ensures that all your legal rights are protected to the fullest extent of the law.

Defense Cases We Often Handle

Ms. Griggs focuses on criminal law, which means that she has defended clients facing a wide range of charges. These include:

  • Homicide and manslaughter: The difference in the degrees of these charges can be the difference of years in prison or worse.
  • Sex crimes: It is crucial to fight these charges because of the social stigma involved and the impact it can have on one's ability to work or go to school.
  • Drug trafficking: This is a felony charge that can involve serious penalties.
  • Driving under the influence: A common charge that can come with jail time, fines and additional penalties like losing your license, it is always important to challenge these charges.
  • White collar crimes: This is a federal crime that has become increasingly common, and covers charges ranging from fraud cases to cyber crimes.

We Always Work For You

While we are a small firm, our client-focused approach ensures that every case we take is a priority. Whether the accused faces many years in jail or other life-changing penalties, we go through the entire process with you. Regardless of the charges and evidence, we believe that the best results come with the help of a lawyer with experience defending individuals who face these kinds of charges. Miya Griggs understands this and always fights to reduce the penalties, which can help today as well as in the future if an individual faces charges as a repeat offender.

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