Mistakes To Avoid When Pulled Over For DUI

You had a great night out with friends at a bar you frequent often. It was not a big night for partying, and did not think twice about driving yourself home. Unfortunately, you are pulled over by the police a few blocks from your home. You know that you feel fine, but now you begin to wonder that you may be over the legal .08 blood alcohol content limit. The key is to not panic.

Located in Decatur but serving clients throughout the Atlanta metro area, The Law Office of Miya Griggs has extensive experience working with clients facing DUI charges here in the Georgia courts. The right DUI defense lawyer can make a tremendous difference in your case, and we help clients facing DUI charges all the time. However, drivers can help themselves in a number of ways if they are pulled over on suspicion of DUI.

Common Mistakes To Avoid In DUI Cases

As with other criminal charges, individuals will try to help themselves but actually often make matters worse. Here are a few tips for what not to do:

  • Be polite: Do not get defensive or aggressive when you roll down your window. Answering any question you know will not help incriminate yourself. Follow the directions they give you.
  • Be prepared: Hand over your license and proof of registration as soon as they ask for it.
  • Keep quiet: Remember that you have a right to remain silent. Do not offer any information that could hurt you in a court of law. An example of this would be admitting you "had a few drinks."
  • Careful what you post online: Do not give the prosecution evidence by posting photos of you out partying with friends on the night of the incident.
  • Hire an experienced attorney: Regardless of whether you test over the limit, an experienced DUI lawyer who understands the legal protocols for pulling over and testing drivers is crucial to the successful resolution of your case.

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