High-Quality Defense Of Fraud Charges

Facing fraud charges can be stressful if not terrifying. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding the case, it can be either a civil matter or a criminal one that includes many different types of legal issues. The one unifying factor is gaining something of value through intentional misrepresentation, deceit or other means. Whereas criminal fraud will often involve criminal intent with penalties that include prison sentences or fines, civil fraud generally applies to bad faith scenarios with the penalties meant to restore assets or compensation to victims.

At The Law Office of Miya Griggs, we represent individuals, groups and business entities here in Georgia that face a broad array of fraud charges. These charges are often felonies and may involve the federal courts are to be taken extremely seriously. Along with the aforementioned penalties, these charges will likely also affect an individual or company's ability to conduct business. We have extensive experience aggressively defending our clients against all types of criminal charges and often work in court. We believe this gives us the unique ability to work toward the best solution in your case.

Fraud Defense Services We Offer

Attorney Miya Griggs represents clients facing many types of fraud offenses, including:

  • Bankruptcy fraud: This can include hiding assets, intentionally falsifying financial forms, or filing the same information multiple times.
  • Tax fraud: This involves knowingly evading the assessment or payment of taxes.
  • Credit card fraud: This can involve obtaining goods through the unauthorized use of other peoples' cards or avoiding payment to credit card companies, creditors or banks.
  • Telemarketing fraud: This includes gaining personal or financial information through deceitful means over the telephone.
  • Identity theft: Similar to telemarketing fraud, this involves accessing personal or financial information through deception on the internet or even illegally utilizing the contents of a lost wallet or purse for financial gain.
  • Insurance fraud: This often involves false or exaggerated claims to insurance companies.

These Are Serious Charges

These are felony charges that will often involve government agencies like the FBI and will therefore go through the federal court system. The penalties for these charges will vary depending on the nature, severity and scope of the charges. A lawyer with a strong background in criminal law can be a tremendous help in defending companies or individuals facing these types of charges.

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